This page holds several resources that might be helpful for trainees and/or colleagues.

Russ & Noah’s Internship Handbook

Please find our free internship handbook below. In it, we provide a general overview of the internship process, as well as specific tools, tips, and materials that we hope will help you succeed. We use bullet points and visual aids to simplify the process where possible. This is not meant to be the definitive guide on the internship process, and there are some great resources we encourage you to purchase if you have the means. However, applications are expensive, so we wanted this to be a free guide with tips and tricks available to all who are interested.

Handbook Worksheets

The Addiction Psychologist Podcast

This is the official podcast of the Society of Addiction Psychology hosted by Dr. Noah Emery and Samuel Acuff. The Addiction Psychologist Podcast is designed to provide a platform for clinicians, researchers, and policy makers in the field of addiction to highlight relevant work, answer questions, and disseminate information to enhance treatment and recovery for the general public and colleagues. Listen to episodes below.